With the use of Speedrxp play Snail Mail and 12win

Snail Mail and 12win is about fast release! Guide Turbo the Snail during the extreme achieves of the creation in Snail Mail. Fast delivers Intergalactic Mail in the fast-paced Snail Mail. But watch out for the sin slugs who try to chunk the Snail Mail and 12win Delivery! Snail Mail Plasma weapons and arms knock out the rivals, but be careful of the salt plants, they sluggish you down and remove some of your Snail Mail lives.

Speederxp is known as a utensil which can speed up in game to save time and enhance effectiveness. It can make you run quicker, hit more commonly and entire missions in less time so that players won’t be troubled on nonstop leveling missions.

However, you might ignore that speederxp does a pleasant job on speeding down too. To play Snail Mail online desires speederxp to support its material of speed down. Ok, let’s get into it!


The central character of this game is a cut snail, which is speedy to deliver mails from an earth to another in space. Snail mail is a game difficult your impulses. In game, you will face to multiply rivals. Be careful. Or else you would get destroyed to pieces or slip off the path.

Zippy Modes of a game

You can play Snail Mail in three zippy modes:

-play through all 50 levels Snail Mail in Postal Mode

-test your impulses in Snail Mail confront Mode

-get the highest time in Snail Mail Time test

At the starting, select complexity and speed earlier than start game

The superior complexity, the more hazardous rivals and more fluctuant twists. Not paying notice, you’ll lose game. So how to complete the delivery in exact complexity level fruitfully? There is it! Speederxp can do that! And it is so simple to manage.

When you require slowing down the game slightly, just clicking “Slow” key or exhausted the slider to left at the speed you require. You can also put custom speed at that speed too and press hotkey to control the speed you desire. Frequently, I prefer 1/1.3X.

So I don’t require to concern about rivals. I can manage the onrushing snail simply and maintain it away from impediments safely. Game permission is not out of reach!

In fact, the snail is not forever in running. At earlier step of the game, it goes really slowly just like a real snail making players irritated. So I use speederxp to make the snail “run”. You can get pleasure from the game improved and come to an end earlier and 12win, and get the twice advantages!


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